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Quality Care

Forward Motion Physical Therapy is co-owned by Nicolas Berard PT, DPT, CSCS and Margarita Mancheva PT, DPT. Together, Nicolas and Margarita strongly believe in treating every patient as if they were a family member in helping them move forward with their recovery. Our licensed therapists work as a cohesive team to help diagnose the problem and help you get better faster.

Bridging Treatment Philosophies

FMPT has the unique advantage of being led by two therapists educated at prestigious universities (USC and NYU) on opposite sides of the country, each utilizing different approaches to therapy while simultaneously blending their treatment methodology in order to achieve the ultimate goal of improving a person’s overall wellbeing.

Evidence Based Practice

Forward Motion Physical Therapy prides itself on keeping up to date with current evidence in the field of orthopedics and rehabilitation. FMPT has embraced the most recent and innovative movement analysis theories and practices from the leading researchers and clinicians of the last decade. Utilizing tools and evidence from the Maitland concept, Institute of Physical Art, and Sahrmann Movement Impairment Syndromes to name a few, has allowed our therapists to identify AND treat causes of pain and dysfunction, versus just treating the signs and symptoms.

Special Programs

Our specialty programs are personalized and goal driven allowing us to tailor our approach to treatment relative to each person’s specific job, activity level, age, medical history and goals.


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